Juriy Michaylovich Kudryavtsev


Apparatus “Activaciometre” and methods ofsystem diagnostic realized by it took world-wild applicationin practical psychology, medicine, pedagogy andparticularly engineering pedagogy. Practical relevance ofresults realized research consists of: 1) Diagnostic andcorrection no-formalizing properties, psychology andgroup’s atmosphere, interests, motivations, person’ssociability. 2) Correction of self-attitudes and behavior.3)Forecast of dependability in person activity and his behaviorin extreme situation to select the staff.4) Forecast of success,improving of skill and behavior in different activity(management, industry, driving, sport etc.); professionalchoice, vocational guidance, vocational training, vocationalconsulting; individual development of children and adults;pathologies` detection.5) Accesses to extreme activity.6)Preventive maintenance and correction of deviant behavior.7) Skill formation. 8) Stability of mind activity, selfregulationof mind activity, self-adjustment. 11)Experimental medicine diagnostic. 12) Investigation ofcrime; detection of staff. 13) Appreciation of education’squality. 14) Choice and correction of exposure.Index Terms – apparatus “Activaciometre”, engineeringpedagogy, psychology, system diagnostic.

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