Regina Lara Silveira Mello, Renata Tesoni Reis


The article presents a study carried out on individuals with the lower limbs asymmetry, analyzing the handicapped integration possibilities in the fashion design of shoes. These people have height difference between the legs because they had an illness, accident or genetic complications, and their shoes need specific adaptations. Stores of orthopaedic shoes and welfare institutions were visited in order to know the products and understand projective questions about design. Initial results directed the search to a female audience, qualitative interviews with users reported discontents about the market shoes, and also allowed their own shoes were analyzed and photographed. The interviews underline the high cost of shoes, unsightly and not very functional. But fundamentally reveal the stigma and the prejudice, emphasizing the importance to disseminate information to promote inclusion in fashion through the Design. The study followed the Search Code of Ethics (CONEP).



Index Terms - Fashion, Shoes, The lower limbs asymmetry, Universal Design.

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