Claudio Lira Meirelles, Jose Benedito Sacomano, Renato Telles, João Paulo Lara Siqueira


The research objective is to present a instrument for performance management in human resources. To achieve competitive advantage organizations emphasize people as a fundamental resource to stand out in the market, and performance management appears as an instrument that enables the effective management of this resource. The theory was adopted from the paradigm of social networks that defines a network as a set of people connected by social relations, where the informal network, composed of spontaneous relationships between actors, portrays faithfully the company. The research used a cross-sectional descriptive quantitative method. The survey found that the central actor influence the performance of the actors that are part of their network, what makes possible the creation of a management tool based on the analysis of graphs and parameters for centrality, enabling the identification of the position and connections of the actors in the informal networks. Keywords - SME. Network structure. Informal network. Performance.

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