David I. Eromon


The principle goal of this project is to develop DER object models that are of suitable quality to be submitted to the IEC for eventual standardization. This quality can only be obtained by validating the object models using the expertise of vendors, utilities, DER owners, and other DER stakeholders. Utility companies have been battling with the coordination of datas as a two way communications and thus have to be faced with controlling increasing amounts of DER within their utility distribution systems, thus requiring application of more automation system to confront and administer/manage the challenges and opportunities faced by DER. Of particular interest is the advance distributed automation (ADA) that will incorporate DER to automated management of distribution network. Our algorithms respond to system contingencies in the electric grid, visualize the grid behavior for the benefit of reliability operators, and simulate in a hybrid setting integrated continuous system behavior. Index Terms - Real-Time response, Distributed control, power systems, quality of service (QoS), Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA), recon

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