MATERIAIS DIDÁTICOS, DESIGN E EAD: Interação Homem-computador

Célia Maria Gomes Correia, Tânia Regina Dias Silva Pereira, Telma Dias Silva Dos Anjos


This study aims to investigate the potential ofdesign-related technologies in a study characterized theconceptual approach to teaching about the fundamentals ofthe distance to the virtual dialectic, the aspects surroundingthis kind of education and production of learning materialsin distance learning and usability, entering teacher trainingfor higher education at the University of Bahia, identifyemerging technological innovations and materialized inteaching and learning process, the production of teachingresources and the contribution of design. Promote theexpansion and dissemination of knowledge, highlighting theinstructional actions and systematic teaching, involvingplanning, development and utilization activities, HumanInteraction, Computer (IHC), TV and video in order tofacilitate learning. Integrating technology and education ininnovative ways, supported the instructional designer tocontextualize the process of building materials.Index Terms ⎯ Education, design, technology, teachertraining, distance learning.

Full Text: PDF (Português (Brasil))


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