Silvia Regina P. De Quevedo, Vania Ribas Ulbricht, Tarcísio Vanzin


Just beyond the period of pioneeringa new language that provides the field of use.With hypermedia narrative is no different, sincethe union of the narrative in the form ofhypertext with multimedia systems involvesother aesthetic perspective within theexpectations of multidisciplinarity. This articleattempts to answer the question of how toproceed when the plot abandons the linear logicrequired in the sequence and presents anarrative paths that lead to alternate elementsas proposed in the narrative hypermedia. Toestablish this argument used the concept ofnarrative and symbolic content transmissiondesigned in the context of Structuralism, basedon the thought of Ferdinand de Saussure. Theresearch is situated in the interpretiveparadigm, which seeks to understand theprocesses by which the multiple realities arise,maintain and change, in a society understoodfrom the viewpoint of its members and not theobserver.

Full Text: PDF (Português (Brasil))


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