Luis C. Origa De Oliveira, Julio B. De Souza, Alcides Ortega, Erica V. De Morais, Aleciana V. Ortega, Rodrigo A. De Oliveira


This paper presents an E-learning portal thatintegrates several features aiming to improve the teaching ofElectrical Engineering. It has an environment forvideoconferencing, access to a robotic webcam and otherfeatures traditionally used in similar widespreadapplications. It is highlighted the design and implementationof a Power Quality Laboratory for remote access viaInternet, LRQEE. The Laboratory has several resourcesaiming flexibility and agility in integration of differenteducational institutions. It, therefore, contributes to theevolution of learning and rationalization of resources,avoiding duplication of equipment, especially those morespecific and more expensive. It makes some equipmentaccessible such as programmable harmonic sources, dataacquisition systems, sensors and drive configurations ofelectric loads. All procedures are performed remotely usinga graphical interface, thus becoming an important tool tosupport collaborative learning with practical experimentsconducted at distance, aiming to consolidate the learningprocess.Index Terms -  E-learning, Remote Laboratory, EducationalTechnology.

Full Text: PDF (Português (Brasil))


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