Fernando Dal Pont Morisso, Paulo Roberto Pasqualotti, Simone Moreira Dos Santos


Conceptual maps are resources used in teachingvarious areas of knowledge. This paper presents anapplication of Conceptual maps in the discipline ofExperimental Chemistry, proportioning a wide andretrospective reflection in the teaching-learning process,meanings of concepts and propositions involved. Theelaboration and application of the map takes intoconsideration theoretical references of Ausubel andMoreira, besides Becker who approaches epistemologicalconcepts and pedagogical models which permeate educatorspractices. This study shows that the hierarchical mapstructure and the pedagogical strategy choose,proportionate the comprehension and construction of thepresent knowledge into the discipline concepts. The use ofthe maps also allowed to show the practical and conceptualrelations between the disciplines of Experimental Chemistryand General Chemistry in conclusion, the study concludedthat conceptual maps application is appropriate for otherareas of knowledge, as well as proposed inter andtransdisciplinars.Index Terms ⎯ conceptual maps, conception epistemologic,effect learning,

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