Edna Das Chagas Souza, Marcia Silva De Oliveira, Laelson Xavier De Souza


The conclusive diagnosis for hearingimpairment (hearing loss) has been a major challenge asthis is a disease of multifactorial etiology and wide. Addedto this one question: the idiopathic. The associationbetween hearing loss and temporomandibular disorders(TMD) has been known since the beginning of thetwentieth century by James Costen hearing problemsrelate to the TMD caused by malocclusion, since manytheories and studies have been presented to substantiatethis relationship, however, between each theory there is alink that unites these: pain and muscle hypertonicityassociated anatomical shape, structural and aggravatedby psychological stress. The aim of this study is, ingeneral, expand the vision of this issue and draw aparallel between the DTM, idiopathic hearing loss andstress, through a case study where there is a history thatcontextualizes the said topic.Index Terms - Hearing Loss; Temporomandibular;Disorders; Stress; Hypoxia.

Full Text: PDF (Português (Brasil))


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