Cleomara Guidugli Jorge Debuz, Marcia Silva De Oliveira, Emanuelle Guidugli Jorge Debuz


The smallpox virus, poxvirus responsible forthousands of deaths since antiquity, had its last natural caseregistered in 1977, Somalia in 1980, declared extinct by theWHO. With samples destroyed, except in the CDC, theUnited States and Russia, which have samples underconditions of maximum security. Severe disease, contagiouswith mortality of 30%, spread by droplets in suspensioneliminated by the oral mucosa, nasal or pharyngeal parasitecells of epithelial tissue. Without specific treatment, onlyprevention by immunization. Of concern from scientists andresearchers, since three decades ago do not occurimmunizations. Due to terrorist threats, geneticrecombination, is a threat to the civilian population, beingable to disperse rapidly.keywords ⎯ bioterrorism, poxvirus, smallpox.

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