Renato Lucas Pacheco, Lúcia Helena Martins Pacheco


The job market for the technology area is stillwarm. There is demand for graduates from technologycourses at the national and global levels. Students are eagerto receive their degree, because many are already employed.Companies are seeking for interns. Before considering themjust a skilled workforce, at low cost, they perceive it as anopportunity for training and selection. Course coordinatorsare constantly receiving requests for announcing jobs andinternships. Domestic and foreign companies come to theuniversity to offer lectures and to recruit candidates for jobsand internships. The scenario is promising for the student.However, it is clear that even so, evasion and delay ingraduation are still relevant. Some data was gathered up toshow these and other parameters and offer hypotheses toexplain what happens in these technological courses. Someactions are suggested to prevent/minimize the dropout andmotivate students to persevere.Index Terms ⎯ carência de engenheiros (lack of engineers),empregabilidade (employability), evasão escolar (scholardropout), formação de engenheiros (education of engineers).

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