Lúcia Helena Martins Pacheco, Renato Lucas Pacheco, Maria Teresa Restivo


The technology education focuses on logicalmathematicalthinking, on algorithms, on arguments and onsome linguistic skills to describe and solve problems seekingthe technical and scientific training of students. TheCartesian method is usually the epistemological basis oftechnological knowledge and structure. It is taken in anatural way and little questioned on its limits forunderstanding or modeling of complex situations.Ideologies, values, social and cultural factors involved inproblems are frequently disregarded. However, a large partof the problems that arise in the contemporary worldrequires elaborated reasoning strategies that involve criticalthinking, systemic thinking and non-linear thinking to findinnovative solutions. It is necessary to consider the multiplepossible configurations of the parts of a problem, whichexpress different real situations. It is suggested, therefore,strategies that develop critical thinking and systemicthinking, as means of expanding the possibilities of the"solution space" of technological problems.Index Terms ⎯ método cartesiano (Cartesian method),educação tecnológica (technology education), pensamentocrítico (critical thinking), pensamento sistêmico (systemicthinking).

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