M. Kudret Yurtseven, A. Rahrooh, Walter W. Buchanan, Seda Bas


The aim in this paper is to look at someimportant issues involved in automation systemdesign from the Cognitive Systems Engineering(CSE) perspective and propose a designframework. It is believed that the cognitive aspectsinvolved in the design of automation systems areeither overlooked or do not receive enoughattention during the design process. It is suggestedthat the design be conducted within the frameworkof CSE, including human-machine relationships,which is vital for a successful design. Thediscussion developed in the paper explores thedesign issues within a proposed framework, basedon GST (General Systems Theory) and CSE. In theframework, a soft GST system design approach isrecommended as the “philosophical” guide fordesign; the Defense Acquisition Management lifecyclemodel is suggested for structuring the designprocess; Joint Cognitive Systems (JCS) paradigmof CSE is adopted for developing an appropriatecontrol hierarchy. Key Words - Automation System Design, GeneralSystems Theory, Cybernetics, Cognitive SystemsEngineering, Defense Acquisition ManagementLife-Cyle Model, Joint Cognitive SystemsParadigm.

Full Text: PDF (Português (Brasil))


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