Vasiliy Grigoryevich Ivanov, Vladimir Vladimirovich Kondratyev


Main categories of engineering pedagogy areeducation, upbringing, and training. The professionaltraining and advanced professional training system enrichesthem with new content and makes them be professionalcoordinated. The development of expert increasesproductivity of professional activity, but the qualitative levelof professional activity stimulates personal development ofexpert. There is formed in these conditions such integrativequalities of expert as: educational opportunity, creativeactivity, engineering capacities, professional competency.Educational potential supposes the system of capacious,interrelation knowledge capable to find their places inresolving of large spectrum of tasks, and skills to realize theresearch of decision of creative tasks. Creative activity ishighest form of professional activity, property of personalitythat has attitude to work as to integrative value. Creativeintellectual potential of expert is leading component ofpersonal potential. Engineering capacities are individualpsychologicalcapacities of personality.Index Terms ⎯ creative activity, education, educational,engineering capacities, opportunity, professionalcompetency, training.

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