Douglas Tavares Penna, Eliandra C. J. Machado, Ligia Maria Soto Urbina


This paper applies the concept of corecompetence in society, although it was originally developedfor the corporate world. The desirable skills for someone tobecome serene appears that are possessed by good leaderssought by large enterprises. Then it is clear that the conceptof social and emotional learning proposed by Golemananswers the skills development of society, and thatalternative concepts of education, as developed by theSathya Sai Organization, serve the same purpose. Thus, it isshown that it is possible to improve society in the long termby investing in institutions which educates people to be moreethical, more balanced and more sociable.Index Terms ⎯  Core Competencies, Emotional Inteligence,Human Values, Pedagogy.

Full Text: PDF (Português (Brasil))


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