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The mission and curriculum of our Departmentof Visual Communication Design at the  İstanbul AydınUniversity in Turkey is designed considering the rapidchange, which the modern communication tools, systems andinstitutions are put through in terms of dimensions andcontents as well as the social ramifications that they cause.While the focus of discussions in communication studies wasplaced on the radio, TV, printed media and cinema untilonly a few decades ago, we are confronted today with theprevalence of the complicated, diversified and puzzlingmeans of communication. The main goal of this paper ispromoting consciousness regarding the rapid developmentsespecially in the modern communications media and theircultural and economic effects as well as outlining a modelthat serves to make the necessary knowledge and skillspossible in pursuit of success in the Information Age.Index Terms ⎯ About four, alphabetical order, key words orphrases, separated by commas (for suggestions Preparationof papers, camera-ready, two-column format, IGIP format).

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