Pavel Andres, Jiří Chytil, Janaina Martínek


Students’ Training Centre is a joint project ofCommercial Academy and Language School in Znojmo,Microsoft Co., Hewlett Packard Co., EDU 2000 Co. andMasaryk Institute of Advanced Studies.The best six students of the study program InformationScience in Economics of the 2 nd year of their study willundergo few months’ preparation on the product ofMicrosoft Office 2010 in academic year 2010/2011.Consequently, learners will graduate from technicalcertification at the end of the first stage. The necessary partof the project is a teaching preparation. Thus, the content ofthe tutorials is not limited only for technical issues, but foreducational matters as well. After half of year they will takein a role of an active successor having a responsibility toselect new participants. Such a way, this circle shouldproduce graduates from secondary school with high level oftechnical knowledge.Index Terms ⎯ educational project, management andeconomy, information and communication technology,Microsoft Office Specialist Master, Teaching Methodologyand Didactics.

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