Rosana Maria Vasconcelos, Magda Oliveira Pinheiro


The implementation of the Bologna Process inthe Portuguese Higher Education system led to deepchanges at this education level. In order to harmonize and tolevel the Portuguese higher education with other Europeancountries several measures were determined, includingaccess expansion, especially for new target groups. Amongothers the +23 year olds students and TechnologySpecialization Courses (CET) are considered new targetgroups. CET´s Students quota are new at this level ofeducation, so a study was carried out to understand theevolution of these new target group courses in Engineeringand Technology, at University of Minho. For such, a datasurvey of students that entered through this quota was usedand their academic path analyzed. These students haveexpectations, motivations and different backgrounds incomparison with other students. Understand theirperformance in higher education may help to answeradequately to the needs of this new target group.Index Terms ⎯ Academic path; Bologna Process; CET;Higher Education; new target group.

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