Eliane Patricia Grandini Serrano


The effect caused by the Art is in a unique force capable of promoting the artist experiences and especially to the visual text reader . The painting, especially, is to keep the feeling, established from the lines, colors and all codes within it. In this respect two artists shock the reader; in an attempt to seek themselves in chromatic plots, produce images without pictures and / or without models. His paintings are built without external beacons and it is precisely this character not figurative that detonates the kinesthetic aspect in every visual text. Artists to be investigated in this work are Francis Bacon and Clarice Lispector. The first with its shock - images, as he claimed. The second of painters little circulation, but that reveal constant search of herself in another language, since the author is internationally recognized for its literary and non- pictorial work.


Index Terms – sensation, Francis Bacon, Clarice Lispector.

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