Rafael Malvar Ribas


The idea of this work is remember the Brazilian countercultural movements that stand during military dictatorship, and to map these. It is clear that in a country of continental dimensions such as Brazil there has been several local cultural demonstrations that differ and intersect on another. The main association made by the academy and the media about our counterculture is with the Tropicália movement, which brought external features adding to the local, in an hybrid art that led to its canonization. But there were other movements, although not exalted at the same level, have significant historical and cultural value. As an example there is Udigrudi in Recife, Raul Seixas from Bahia, Grã Órdem Kavernista centralized in Rio de Janeiro, the Rock and Roll and the Progressive Rock / Psychedelic especially in large urban centers, the so-called singers “Malditos” (damned), the Lira Paulistana in São Paulo, among others.



Index Terms - Counterculture, Brazilian Music, Tropicália, Brazilian Dictatorship.

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