Mirian M. M. Magalhães


This article is the result of a didactic experience with journalism students of Augusto Motta University Center (UNISUAM). It was realized they had much difficulty with writing essays, since the composition of simple texts, in the beginning of graduation, until the end of college, when the demand increases, for example, in preparing the final paper degree. Thus, emerged the idea of transforming the text production lessons into practice fields, but seeking to diversify, expanding the aesthetic experiences of students. Taking advantage of what the institution offers to the students, conventional classes were replaced by visits to UNISUAM Cultural Center (CCULT), a space dedicated to embrace all forms of artistic expression, with the aim to approach the culture of the academic community. The experience amplified the students' creativity and diversified the possibilities of themes and types of texts produced.



Index Terms – text production; aesthetic experiences; cultural repertoire.

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