Maria Luiza Calim de Carvalho Costa


While rubbing two universes of Peruvian culture - the pre- Columbian legacy and Western colonial culture - contemporary artists put into question the Peruvian identity where appropriations and resignifications in hybridization processes expose the asymmetries , the contrasts , conflicts . In search of ways in which cultures may find themselves in their differences- as the third space coined by Bhabha - artists such as Susana Torres, Milagros de la Torre, Alfredo Márquez and the photographer Carlos 'Chino ' Dominguez demystify characteristics of the Peruvian national identity as the idyllic notion of Inca culture in the imagination and national culture as well as the Eurocentric idea subordinate role in the development of the Andean culture of Peru.



Index Terms - Latin America, contemporary art , Susana Torres, Milagros de la Torre, Alfredo Márquez ,Carlos 'Chino ' Dominguez.

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