Marie Sassim Rodrigues


Faced with the need to seek a secure foundation for psych diagnostic, the clinical psychology reviews the concepts of Man, health-disease, normal- pathological. Criticizes the positions of psychopathology towards these concepts; explains its limitations and breaks with the conceptual heritage by redefining it. Objective to demonstrate how this conceptual redefinition was operated by clinical psychology, through a methodological review of the bibliographical part in which this redefinition was made. Emphases the phenomenological existentialism as a philosophical foundation necessary to overcome the formal view of psychopathology, by expanding the understanding of man beyond its biopsychological limits, redefining him in a wider and dialectical way as nature-history-existence, for a more dignified and human treatments conditions. Concluded by demonstrating that the solutions, for dealing with human being in health field and for redefining the treatment used, must be found within its natural conditions, respecting its determinations and differences, without including him in external patterns.


Index Terms – Health-Disease. Normal-Pathological. Existentialism- Phenomenological.

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