Luana Carolina Alves Calazans Cavalcante, Marcia Silva De Oliveira


To get a good understanding of what is searched, it must be differentiated from mosaicism in detriment of chimerism, by the simple reason that at the moment in which embryogenesis occurs, the chimera junction originates in different embryos, to form one individual, making the same tissue formed by cells having genotypically different from each other. What the Mosaic becomes different due to cellular changes occur with a single embryo, due to the loss or gain of chromosomes, causing some cells be equal to the original and other modifications of a second generation cell. Means true hermaphrodite, a person who has in his anatomy both ovarian and testicular gonads, with the karyotype 46, XX/46, XY. Lastly, this project aims to quantify, the District level, will these pathologies, clarifying laboratory procedures, taking insight physiological and biochemical this and related diseases, such as Down syndrome and its complications.



Index Terms – Chimera syndrome, mosaic somatic, hermaphroditism.

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