Daniel Conceição Gonçalves


Freedom walks with creativity? Creativity is the result of the unconscious? The altering of reality or escape from it is a creative expression? We consider artworks as: Sandman (Neil Gaiman and various designers, 1989), Watchmen (Allan Moore and Dave Gibbons, between 1986 and 1987), V for Vendetta (Allan Moore and David Lloyd, 1982), Spider-Man (Stan Lee and Steve Ditko, 1962) under the creative aspect? But by that parameter? Understand that creativity while reframing within what is offered, such works do not fit. Therefore this article aims to clarify what we elect a certain fictional work is the result of a creative action which conditions the second author was post and the context in which it is inserted. Check what were the problems and solutions as a personality within your time constraints and how these act in creative action.


Index Terms – Comics; creativity; image.

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