Tereza Cristina de Farias Guimarães, Antonio Jose Batista De Azevedo, Euclides Xisto, Ana Claudia Araújo De Souza, Izana Luiza Sales Lago, Priscila De Jesus Silva, Maria Luiza Rabelo Dias Trindade


The present work considers a new art concept concerning knowledge, construction and expression. An interaction among art, expression, materials science and physics, involving design students participation together with teacher’s orientation is one of the objectives during the construction of our “alive wall”. While knowledge, it aims an interdisciplinar activity at the Bahia University UNEB design curriculum. A landscape context look at the northeast way of life with its characteristic vegetation and clothes has been performed by students using recycled materials for the wall construction. The behavior of those materials exposed to ambient atmosphere will be appreciate for the next years related to its resistance properties to weather conditions. Periodical changes in materials could be done considering its useful life. Interactivity has been expressed in musical instruments, fit in furniture and smart illumination. This project proposes also a reflection of a new integrating method for art, research and teaching.



Index Terms: art, expression, culture, technology.

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