Teresa Almeida


On the 19th of October 2013, the new space for Contemporary Art of the Marinha Grande Glass Museum, Portugal open a “feminine” exhibition.Marinha Grande is known in Portugal as the land of glass”, nevertheless, men are the ones responsible for producing the glass pieces, and the women labour on the cold work. Until not so long ago, it would have been impossible for a woman to make a piece through glass blowing in the factory.In total, 15 artists were invited to participate in this event, such as, Netherlands, Argentina, Poland, Turkey, United States, Brazil, Estonia, Australia, England, Ireland, Mexico, Estonia, Latvia and Norway.With this set of pieces the aim was to show that glass art presents itself as a contemporary and innovative search for a component connected with research and experimentation.The exhibition was display until the 27th April 2014 and exceeded the expectations.


Index Terms - curator, contemporary glass, exhibition.

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