Margarida Maria Correia Marques, Luis Gabriel, António Borba


DOURO LIMPO was the theme of an Environmental Awareness and Educational Campaign held at Alto Douro Vinhateiro, a Portuguese landscape classified by UNESCO as World Heritage. The graphic design of the Campaign was conceived with the aim of fostering environmental awareness, both individual and collective, and was based upon positive aspects, notions of citizenship and common good practices. A POSITIVE and SIMPLE design was adopted, as positive information is able to mobilize the masses and simple messages are the ones making a difference in the way Douro is seen by its publics. The materials used were both MODERN and ELEGANT, they convey the idea of change and promote the adoption of new behaviours destined to build a sustainable future. The promotion and the information provided by the Campaign mobilized decision-makers and the civil society alike, thus generating a wealthier landscape and tourism for the region.



Index Terms - Alto Douro Vinhateiro, Douro Limpo, educação e sensibilização ambiental, imagem gráfica.

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