Valnice Sousa Paiva, Arnaud Soares de Lima Jr, Luciane Ferreira Bomfim, Osimara Da Silva Barros, Najara Dos Santos Oliveira, Kátia Cristina Novaes Leite, Jucineide Lessa De Carvalho


This paper discusses limits, possibilities and potentials presented by the digital society to teacher authoring, reporting an educational experience developed in an Educator Training Course for Early Childhood Education and Early Years of elementary school, having ICT as structuring the training process, the planning the reviews, seeking to foster this process the autonomy of teacher training, through a didactic design that potencializava the self-teaching and copyright results that contribute to the increase of self-esteem and educator, among other possibilities, the ICT contributions operating through a look with a view to a more contextual education that values and bring to the fore beauty, local problems and experiences, bringing the formative process of the world of life and stories of the subjects of training. Therefore, we use programs like Paint, Word, Power Point, Youtube, Blogger, More and others, chosen as reference authors as Freire, Black, Santos, Lima Jr and Thiollent among others.



Index Terms - Education, Training Educator, Information and Communication Technology, Authorship, Action Research.

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