Fabiano Breschi, Luciana C. Leite, Edson A. Batista, Alexandro P. de Carvalho


DOI: 10.14684/intertech.13.2014.252-256

The objective of this paper is to use the tool of fuzzy logic to optimize the use of vehicle air conditioning system (VACS). This system has the function of improving the distribution of air conditioning ventilation for the vehicle´s occupants, as well as reducing fuel consumption through a fuzzy controller developed in a microcontroller. The controller implemented in the dsPIC plate will have temperature sensors, and infrared switch, and pressure switch as input signals. As output signal it will have the control of time of compressor drive in order to maintain a comfortable temperature inside the vehicle, depending on the number of occupants, thus reducing the torque exerted on the engine and increasing the electrical system and generator longevity. The system was simulated in the fuzzy logic toolbox of MATLAB and the results were satisfactory, significantly reducing the compressor´s time of use.



Index Terms – Fuzzy logic, control of the air conditioning system, fuel economy, dsPIC.

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