Elcio Rodrigues Aranha, Eduardo Batista Teixeira, Eduardo Do Carmo, Guilherme Augusto Santiago Tavares, Pedro Henrique Moura Costa, Pedro Luiz Fernandes Aranha, Carolina Burghi Barboza, Alessandra Modolin De Figueiredo, Sérgio Ricardo Lourenço


The Corporate management could be facilitated through the process information management systems, PIMS (Plant Information Management System). Once it has centralized characteristics, that PIMS can simplify the relationship between data from multiple information sources, mixing quality process data with the variables from the industrial controls system. This paper presents a specific technique to centralization of partial information that significantly reduces the Data Base needs (90% less than the traditional tags recording methodologies). Information from four industrial plants was safely integrated from the corporate network through text files in which specific software performs the reading and processing of raw information in to a hierarchical structure. This hierarchical structure makes possible the concatenated data use in an agile way and with no need of new training to the system’s users.



Index Terms - Centralization of partial information, hierarchical structure, PI UFL, PIMS.

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