István Lükő


DOI: 10.14684/intertech.13.2014.20-24

Arrangement of the modular curriculum has been used on horizontal level as far at development of the profession frame. We need to note the superposition of the qualifications. I have called this model: vertical modularization. The developments and races of the curriculum, modularization and the historical period of MES conception, and system of professional function have been invented in the theorem of pedagogy-vocational training. The aim of essay was: how can solve a concrete task in team the students of the carpenter trainee, wood industry technical college, production animator in wood industry, and engineer of wood industry. Making of two desks and five student-desks were the concrete task. In the course of the essay we analyzed the roles of the future scope of activities, the system of activity and substance matters, and the ability of the professional communication (terminology, technological drawing, cooperation learning). We analyzed too, the problem-solved-thinking, qualitative differentiation to the shares of the temporal work. With this end in view we have sought the collective, functional module elements (seed) to the complete qualification levels (trainee, technician, production animator, and engineer) by certificate/denial of our hypothesis.

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